Gravity Explained and end to this eternal mystery


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The new theory brings a totally new insight and explanation for the actual causes and force of gravity. It is not so mysterious but we have to change our thinking regards the current audit of historic standard 1905 dimensions and especially temporal time.

This has caused everyone no end of confusion since that time. Temporal time needs to be removed from this set of dimensions. This book explains in very simple terms what is the cause for gravity. But in order to comprehend the theory it is necessary to only think in 4 spatial dimensions. The primary one being the emergence of NEW SPACE. This is the key to to open the door of comprehension.

The rules are:

1. 4 spatial dimensions
2. The primary dimension is the constant emergence of New Space. This is absolutely critical, for the persistence for matter.
3. The 3 Euclidian dimensional vectors are good but ONLY refer to Spacetime where matter exists.
4. Matter exists in our visible universe and hence we have an experience of the so called ‘spacetime’ and its 3 Euclidian dimensions.
5. There is no such thing as curved spacetime this is only a 1905 mathematical vision of the EFFECT of gravity, and in no way does it explain the CAUSE of gravity.
6. Gravity is caused by mutual information exchange acting between all entities in the universe.
7. These entities are groups of sub infinitesimals which we see as solid particles or grouped up into the massive scale which we refer as a planet, sun or black holes etc. Everything constructed of matter causes information.
8. This information is distributed throughout the universe by virtue of the emergence of New Space.
9. This information is shared with all the other entities of matter in the visible universe.
10. This is how bodies in space correspond. The result of this correspondence is the affiliation of information which causes the attraction which we refer to as gravitation.
11. All information is historic, and a body may be gravitationally attracted to another body which ceases to exist particularly if the distances are enormous.

More and detailed description is in the book above, including a solution to the problem how living species communicate and pass information subliminally, by exactly the same exchange system as fully described in this New Theory finally solving the fantastic physical mystery.

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